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Co-Captain Armada.Digital
TEM-ICT @DigitYser
Portuguese expat living in Brussels since 2003, I'm interested by the intersection of technology, politics, participatory democracy, grassroots movements and human rights.
| I'm passionated about #Indieweb #CivicTech #Dataviz #RSS Curious about #Blockchain and the future of work by enabling #platformcoop.







Free tools for retrieving Twitter data include:

Chorus (
Mozdeh (

Learn more in this instantly available online course:


TwitterTrails, a system to investigate the spread and validity of stories on Twitter. TwitterTrails gathers data about news stories, rumors, events, and memes on Twitter, to present in useful and meaningful visualizations that can help users answer questions about how the story spread. Scroll down for the visualizations, or click on “overview” on the top left of the page to view data about this story. For more information about th


Just got logged off from all my accounts on Twitter Android app.
When I try to login I see "cannot create account" I'm obviously not creating one.. So I'm posting this from my blog Twitter app


My little EU elections dashboard to get the vote results starting 18hPM - meanwhile you can see in real-time early-polling results, preliminary exits polls and embedded you can follow Politico live blog all on the same page



Technical debt challenge : How to move from v2 full of ACF Pro custom to Divi Builder 3 + Wordpress 5 without loosing part of the content & ACF integration ? @divibuilder


There we go again, finally able to post on social media from my own blog :)


Last month rush at work made me forgot how good Cafe and Staff is and the Music :))


Manyverse, really cool mobile implementation

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍