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Ricardo Mendes

The Ethereum Killer Is Ethereum 2.0: Vitalik Buterin’s Roadmap

The main reason why PoS is seen as a necessary development is, of course, the need to reduce the energy requirements of PoW blockchains like the current versions of Ethereum and Bitcoin. A recent report claims that Bitcoin mining consumes as much power in a year as 159 countries, which is clearly far too much, and Buterin admitted that today’s Ethereum isn’t any better than Bitcoin in that respect.

Ricardo Mendes

The Emergence - Akasha Beta is now live - Twitter like experience on the blockchain now live with the Ethereum Testnet

Today marks the 927th day A.E. also known on planet Earth as 2 years, 6 months and 12 days After Ethereum. Five million blocks after its Genesis, the Ethereum ecosystem evolved into a planetary Community with hundreds of thousands of people connected by a constellation of projects and teams working on their dreams. It makes you wonder where the next 5 million blocks will take us.

It is still early, but the network effects can be felt already.

It’s no coincidence that Ethereum is the world’s first blockchain smashing through the 1 million transactions per day milestone, securing in the process more transactions than all the other blockchains combined. Moreover, when we look at the bigger Ethereum 2.0 picture we can expect continuous, accelerated growth towards infinity. Or the singularity.

Who knows? :)

Ricardo Mendes

Introducing zeppelinOS: the operating system for smart contract applications

The State of Smart Contract Programming

Ethereum changed the world by creating a distributed global shared virtual machine known as the EVM. Anyone can now use this virtual machine to run programs that handle real money and formalize contractual relationships via code. The promise is huge: we’re creating a new global and natively-digital economy based on software.


Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Qu’est-ce qu’une DAO ? — par @julienbrg #DAO #BlockChain

Qu’est-ce qu’une DAO ?

Répondant au besoin d’une startup berlinoise nommée, les développeurs du projet TheDAO ont créé un modèle de DAO. Une DAO est une sorte de nouveau statut d’entreprise. Ces trois lettres signifient “Organisations Autonomes Décentralisées” : ce sont des communautés dont les règles de fonctionnement sont fixées par des contrats enregistrés sur une blockchain (celle d’Ethereum dans le cas de TheDAO). Quatre contrats publiés sous licence libre ont été déployés au début du mois de mai 2016. Le 28 mai, plus de 12 millions d’Ethers (167 millions de dollars) se sont accumulés sur ces contrats. Même si quelques investisseurs sont cachés dans la foule, c’est un record absolu pour une campagne de financement participatif. Cette concentration d’argent que seul un vote du collectif peut libérer a de quoi impressionner.


Ricardo Mendes

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