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Co-Captain @Armada Digital (goal: coop)
| Love to promote #Indieweb #CivicTech #Dataviz #RSS Curious about #Blockchain and the future of work by enabling #platformcoop

Should appear as "Live" when I'm broadcasting Live with @periscope @RickMendes











Ricardo Mendes

Nice @withknown import tool improved, going to test Known to Known import & see how it goes :)


Ricardo Mendes

Snapshot a week of #indieweb related keywords

Ricardo Mendes

Looks like we have a #nginx issue here @t #indieweb

I was sending someone to discover via the wiki but that's what he got when visiting 

All fine at

Ricardo Mendes

Gorgeous Chat/log integration with the @indiewebcamp wiki & multi-chat ability #indieweb #datalove

check it out :

Ricardo Mendes

Testing my website speed & learning htaccess tricks to opitmize server side #indieweb

tool being used :

I think I have to move this website to it's own dedicated box otherwise I can't have enough control on a bunch of aspects related to caching, page speed and other features not available on shared hosting like Dreamhost. 

Ricardo Mendes

My #indieweb mobile dashboard #lovingit

This is what you get by using @withknown marvelous code project : a place of your own on the

Ricardo Mendes

Wow @withknown now let's you pick a "homepage" from one of the existing pages #indieweb

That's really nice because I'm finally going to be able to have a landing page with all the nice stuff I want to put forward when visitors land on this site :)

Ricardo Mendes

Alright I just had a #Eureka moment!!! #indieweb

: this is not possible (yet) with Known ....:/

test todo : 

- Video with my smartphone using Chrome/Firefox to record a video directly from this site and POSSE it to twitter & facebook successfully. 

- what about time limits (if any?)


This is a great "news" for me and it's seems I'm late and the worst is I have been so busy to discover and put in place my own solution and learning all the process that I completely missed that I could already video to twitter and facebook from my own site...and given the value that video is having these times I'm baffled to have missed this feature for so long...and can't wait to try it out :)

Ricardo Mendes

Having fun with #Telegram bots & exploring #slackbots abilities

hint : botmakers 

I want to explore the possibility to put in place some twitter bots controlled by a collective newsroom using slack as the main floor to work together. 

this could also be done using telegram, but my idea is kind of putting in place a collective newsroom with fellow people and use slack bots abilities to disseminate collectively curated content through a WithKnown blog himself POSSEing content to corporate social networks. 

to some degree my twitter-bots already do parts of this idea, but it's too much automated and lack human curation & living touch . check out @EUWatchers @PolBegov 

they do what they do using @twibbleio RSS to Twitter carefully feeded by some 60 sources of information I selected on a bunch of Europe related existing media content producers or Belgian political/economic news from part of the Belgian media. 

this idea started with the death of Google Reader, I wanted to have my RSS feed to keep updating me, I was using a lot twitter, so I thought why not put all my feeds on twitter & see where this goes? 

10.7K followers later on @EUWatchers & 2 years after I have moved to and so I wonder how I will tie these ideas Together. 

Ricardo Mendes

Loving #Indieweb

the ability to have conversations between peers from our own website is so simple, yet so powerful !
it allows the web to become the social web without depending on corporate walled gardens.

combine this with secure websites (Let's Encrypt is coming soon) and this is the minimum technologist of all kind should adopt and push around them.

We all know Exodus will never work, but what if an Exodus driven by higher principles and higher needs
that can be adopted very simply could replace the need for an exodus by a switch to something else, a bit like when crowds switched from Myspace to Facebook or for music only artists from Myspace to Soundcloud.

I hope we are at the edge of a new switch, currently only being adopted by geeks and nerds, but the work currently being done in the community is paving the way for more simplicity, easy adoption.

I'm not a coder, but I'm going to help anyway!

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