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Ricardo Mendes

Reading on and sharing from it using your own blog: love #indieweb !

2 min read

Been busy on lately so when I logged in to my account, using my own website to login I was impressed to notice not only I could intereact with the content of my subscriptions (like, reply, fav) but I was also able to comment (using my own site to host the comment thanks to micropub) but most of all I could POSSE or syndicate my comment to the social media profile I wanted without leaving the Woodwind interface : this in short is a dream come true for me, it means I can read content I subscribe in one place and use my own site as a pilot to push my interactions to other silo's (think facebook, twitter or more open mastodon) while hosting the reply on my own website !! 

I'm trully amazed but maybe you think this all sounds like very complicated, so let me link to a few examples : 

This is Woodwind interface, it shows a post from Jeremy Keith at 

I commented from Woodwind but thanks to Micropub, I self-host my comments : 

Link :

Thanks to Webmentions these self-hosted comments are also displayed on blog post :

This is amazing, not sure people realize how much amazing it is in fact !

it means indieweb principles, ideas are every day one step closer to become a unified "put it in practice" approach to build interactions on the openweb between differents website/indentities while still being able to push these interactions where one's want them to go (mastodon, twitter, facebook) and still be part of global conversation while retaining ownership of data produced. 

All of this is possible thanks to amazing people in different communities cooperating together to build step by step another vision of the social web, a vision where People are in the center of interactions and have control on the content they produce while still dancing with other platforms or closed platforms; this is huge !

Meet the IndieWeb peeps on IRC on Freenode, visit !

Ricardo Mendes

How to fix @withknown image issues after moving to self-hosted #indieweb

1 min read

I had this issue quite a few time and it's always related to the Uploads folder (and existing sub-folders) not having correct write/read permission but also www-data not being the owner of the files.

I used to fix this by Chown-ing the /var/www/ folder like this chown -R www–data:www-data /var/www/ considering "www" is the Known root folder.

You can also add yourself to the www-data group : usermod -a -G www-data (your username) then use this command to fix the permissions issues of the Uploads folder : chgrp www-data /var/www/Uploads and then chmod g+rwxs /var/www/Uploads  You might also want to use the -R option to give write permission recursively : chmod -R ug+rw foldername

Ricardo Mendes

Notifications Slavery versus Attention Ecology #android #privacy #attention #notifications

5 min read

This post was born from reading indieweb channel logs and this @t post about twitter email as I was reflecting on how I avoid to get overdosed by notifications, alerts, emails, sounds that ultimately eat my energy and time for nothing. 

I'm mostly writing about how I configure my android 6/CM13 device to control much more of "how my phone can disrupt me" or not and I tend to apply this to how I organize myself between my desktop and my mobile devices.

Email Ecology : Turn OFF all emails (less technical or administrative) coming from everywhere. 

Most of the time I check my apps enough already. 

Most of the time these email digest of notifications are useless. 

Most of the time I literally see new activity right from the app. 

There should be a difference between an email I choose to receive (a nice curation of great articles for example) and auto-email sent by services such as Facebook or Twitter or G+ that simply do no add anything of value beside occupying email quota and using unnecessary ressources. 

Attention Ecology : 

Choose what app, what contact can ring you & actually disrupt you from what you're doing. 

Put people in groups so you can easily configure groups of people ringtone or notification sound for SMS or IM. 


Turn OFF sound notifications for every apps on your phone. Turn OFF vibrations. 


Enjoy the silence. Enjoy not being disrupted when your device/services want your attention, 

Instead choose when to give your attention to your device/services. 

Organize :

Make lists on Twitter or Facebook or using your RSS feed reader,  so that you can bypass the noise and give more value to real signal of information with less cluttered overdosed mix of everything you follow. 

Split your interests by lists or categories in your RSS feed reader so that when you need to know about something or you want more information on something you lurked on Twitter, you can just search it on your river of news and get the information you want without loosing time or having to scroll down a pile of noise to get what you wanted. 

The more your information is split by topics but accessible and organized, the quicker you can find the signal you search and get things done. 

Privacy : 

With Android6/CM13 the first time you open an app you can decide what permissions you give to the app about : location, contacts, media, etc..some apps won't work with some permissions disabled but tons of apps don't need your location or contact to work, you can disable it and still have a nice popup to show up when you actually want to give your location for some reason (check in et..) actually reversing the scenario where it is you who decide what to give and when to give it. this should be by design, people shouldn't have to root/flash their devices to finally be able to own them. but that's another story for another post. 

Apps : 

I use Greenify pro on my rooted devices to get an advanced control of what app can wake-up, check network, do background data check etc...this app also allows you do "greenify" all the apps that launch themselved up (just because there is Wi-Fi or because there is a data connection) with Greenify you can hibernate all the apps you occasionally use and have them one finger away without having them to suck up your battery or do unwanted check without your authorization. 

The moment I lock my phone Greenify will hibernate all the apps that I choose to, leaving my device cold and ready & silent for when I need it. 

Unless wanted, apps should not go on by themselves and eat your data plan without you actually paying attention to all the content streaming through all these apps. it makes no sense. if you really have to check something that happened 2h ago, you still can no matter if your app loaded it while it happened or if you have to fetch it from scratch because your device was sleeping. 

if you really want to follow something happening right now in real-time, well you can just open the app, let it refresh with new content, pick a hashtag and follow the stream because you decide it. 

Ultimately Android & its app ecosystem should be redesigned to have privacy and user control at the center of the process instead of farming users to constantly check their notifications, their battery, their phone. 

What are your habbits regarding Attention Ecology & the usage of your phone or tablet ? 

Do you have any tips to find a better balance between
the use of technology versus technology using ourselves ?

Ricardo Mendes

Test from Quill #indieweb

1 min read

This is a test from Quill wrapped into webby 

Ricardo Mendes

How to backup @withKnown & restore it easy #indieweb

5 min read

Context : 

Yesterday I was making incremental changes to my CSS - while having CloudFlare caching enabled - and for some reasons, some broken CSS changes managed to stay in the CloudFlare Cache and were being served even though this website had the CSS fixed. in short the CF cache was serving broken CSS files while the original site wasn't displaying the same broken CSS rules anymore. This is how it looked like :

Instead of thinking : let's disable all the cache system while I work on my CSS, I was convinced if the site was rendering this way, I was the one responsible for the broken CSS so I activated my quick "maintenance mode" solution and moved to the next step.

So I thought let's go back to Known default to see what part of my modification are responsible for this mess. 

  1. disable any Custom.css
  2. revert back to Solo Known default theme
  3. if no changes, it means my Known install is broken in someway
  4. This is where I should have thought about disabling CloudFlare cache but I didn't
  5. I went on hunting from where my problem was coming from and the first step was to make sure my Known code was clean, so I decided to re-backup my site and eliminate each factor until finding the culprit. 

Steps : 

  • Save your Custom.css 
  • backup your var/www/Uploads folder
  • backup your var/www/IdnoPlugins folder
  • backup config.ini file
  • backup your .htaccess file
  • you could backup your database too. (depending on your host this might already be done everyday)

This is the basic steps to backup your actual Known configuration. 

Once you have done this, rename your root folder to a backup name and proceed to install Known from scratch. 

git clone back to your /var/www/ folder

make sure to copy back your Uploads folder & your config.ini file and your .htaccess file. 

once it is done, refresh your website, you should see Known default theme and your website up & running. 

you can restore the plugins later (see below) and the custom.css

It's only when I did all these steps and found out my Known site was still broken that I thought : OK this is not me, let's check out with my host if they have changed anything server side (they didn't) and while talking with my support at Dreamhost, the helper suggested to bypass Cloudflare cache while modifiying my site template.

CloudFlare was still activated & running and my broken CSS was still breaking all the website. The moment I disabled it, refreshed my website, the broken CSS was gone and my problem was gone. 

Note to self : Never work on your website with CloudFlare caching system enabled.

In the meantime I had made all these steps to debug my problem and decided to write about it and share this experience and this is the post you're reading :)

OK so how to go back to a working Known with all my plugins back ? 

How to re-install/update Known plugins from the terminal ? 

The naming convention of Known Plugins is as follows : 

if one word : 


if two words : 


notice Capital letters for First letter of the word.

some plugins still have remain of Idno denomination, but beside "IdnoOpenGraph" plugin, take out "Known" or "Idno" from their name. to make sure check out each plugin github description to make sure but if your site is broken after enabling a plugin for Known, move it from the IdnoPlugins folder, rename it correctly and move it back to the plugins folder.

Themes for Known :

- list of plugins I like to use

More Post Types :

broken admin :

Third party services you might alreayd use :

source :

- commands to run in your /root/IdnoPlugins folder: 

git clone Twitter

git clone Facebook

git clone Linkedin

git clone --recursive IdnoOpenGraph

git clone EmbeddedPosts

git clone Lightbox

git clone Emoji

git clone Presentation

git clone Subscriptions

git clone Akismet

git clone Github

git clone Chrome

git clone IRC

git clone Sitemap

git clone Reactions

git clone InstagramShim

git clone WordPress

- to update the plugins

simply "git pull" into each plugin folder, if you're already up to date the command will let you know. 

for the plugins with a different folder structure make sure to cp -avr the plugin folder inside the git folder back to your IdnoPlugins folder. 


Tip : 

I don't recommend installing & enabling all these plugins if you have no use for it

favor incremental changes while you progress with your website so that you can always go back if you need so.

Ricardo Mendes

Trying from Known #indieweb

1 min read

Ricardo Mendes

protip: don't connect your Twitter account to #Facebook OR your Facebook account to #Twitter = it's ugly. 

3 min read

But worst: if you did connect one way or the other, don't you think it's ridiculous to RT something on Twitter which get sent to Facebook & then Facebook send it back to twitter with a URL ?????

check out on twitter how it looks like :

Either you don't use Twitter but still want to syndicate your Facebook activity to twitter and it's fine even if it's ugly because you're forcing everyone to being tracked by Facebook when they click your links on Twitter. 

check out on twitter how it looks like :


You don't use Facebook but still want to syndicate your Twitter activity to Facebook so you connect Twitter to facebook and it's ugly too (yes I'm doing it this way to push twitter updates to a abandonned facebook page.)

the first post is a RT on twitter getting pushed to Facebook. The second post is Tweet pushed to Facebook.


So the best solution is either: you use both networks separately and you manage to catch the do's and don't of each network and you try to adapt your content on each network. 


You jump into the bandwagon and you First publish on your OWN site (like I'm doing) and you syndicate to both Facebook and Twitter a COPY of this status update. and you fetch the reactions back to your own blog (like I'm doing here @WithKnown) that's the wonderfull way of managing your online media presence while still retaining control over your data. 


But Please, either connect one (facebook to twitter) of the other (twitter to facebook) but DO NOT connect both ! it makes no sense. the protip is don't connect any of them. use an external third party or selfhosted solution to pilot your social media presence. (Known for the best solution you can get)

But it get worse : some people connect their Facebook to Twitter but fail to understand that Twitter don't work the same way as Facebook.

The result is they publish content on Facebook, without any description or status text to pimp the link they are sharing. so it looks fine on facebook but check out how it looks on Twitter : 


There is only one way to fix this : disconnect !

OR : add a freakin one text line to allow people to at least imagine what they are going to click on while on Twitter because currently as it is, it does not bring any value to the network, in fact I refuse to click on these type of tweets. I simply ignore them.

People ignore them for a lot of reasons :

they don't want to go to facebook servers

they don't want to be tracked by facebook

they ignore you because your post with a link & without description does not invite them to discover your content.

Ricardo Mendes

Well the good news is @twitter is keeping the 140 characters limit #twitter #maketwittergreatagain

1 min read

And the even better good news is that with there is no NEED to have more than 140 characters because well I already have them : just by using this blog engine I can write the amound I want and still only push the first 140 characters on Twitter with a link, indieweb people call this POSSE and you should try it !

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