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Ricardo Mendes

Et c'est partis pour la deuxième journée de couverture , début des activités vers 14h, info sur

Ricardo Mendes

I need to find a replacement for once and for all, already experimented various self-hosted systems but none is actually giving me the results I'm expecting. time to really move on !

Ricardo Mendes

So happy to have @indiehosters to upgrade to latest @withKnown version :)

Ricardo Mendes

“Quand les villes se la jouent glocal” by @We_Lab_co

Ricardo Mendes

: La nouvelle circulaire "scandaleuse" de l'Office des étrangers

Ricardo Mendes

Today I'll be on one of the panel to present @HWCbrussels talk about what we do + hint

Ricardo Mendes

Robert Miles - Children, tombé dessus en 97 et c'est sûrement une track qui m'a fait rêver :)

Ricardo Mendes

Gif or Jif ? "The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,"

"They are wrong. It is a soft 'G,' pronounced 'jif.' End of story." said its inventor.

damned I always say GIF with a hard G !

Ricardo Mendes

Pleroma? PostActiv?
things I need to learn :)

Ricardo Mendes

Yes France did it but problems are not gone, legislative election are next and that's going to be essential to actually govern, this is how will shape its opposition to both neoliberalism and far-right, what will be up regarding the FI movement after its Socialist disruption ?

Will the traditional left in France rally around a renewed leftist internationalist program or it will fail to even form a decent opposition to far-right rise and neoliberalism failures ?

Macron centrist-social-democrat-right "movement" is at 65.5% but what will he actually do is going to allow a possibility of reconciliation or if not will further divide the French society.

Abstention is the second political party in France, they are not represented.

The far-right went from 17% to 35% from 2002 to 2017, if betray France expectations with more of the same last 20 years, next time far-right will win the election and it will be too late to talk instead of act.
FN militants describe the divide with: they are the Patriots versus the Globalists (it's as if the US alt-right managed to actively disrupt the political narrative to the point even French militants say "Globalist" instead of Mondialiste.

This is only going to get worst if there isn't a serious shake up of the old-century political inertia, statusquo, corruption, lack of transparency, costs, toxic corporate lobbying etc.. that are plaguing our democracies, either in Europe, USA and basically anywhere in the World today.

We urgently need to upgrade our democracies, governance models, decision process IF we are to be able to be up to the challenges ahead regarding climate, automation, technology, cyber.

We are still governed by systems, models and process that pre-date the Internet 20 Years ago.

We need to upgrade democracy or perish trying to do it !

Happy Election Day !

Demain tout commence !

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