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Ricardo Mendes

The media's war on Trump is destined to fail. Why can't it see that? | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian

This is one of the factors that explains the many monstrous journalism failures of the last few decades: the dot-com bubble, which was actively cheered on by the business press; the Iraq war, which was abetted by journalism’s greatest sages; the almost complete failure to notice the epidemic of professional misconduct that made possible the 2008 financial crisis and the rise of Donald Trump, which (despite the media’s morbid fascination with the man) caught nearly everyone flatfooted.

Ricardo Mendes

La crise politique belge continue et les réponses que la caste politique en place apporte sur la table sont tout sauf à la hauteur de la situation, c'est tout comme si entre bonne famille aristocrate, face à la déconvenue, celle ci organise un dinner de famille pour se départager les avoirs, les privilèges et les postes qui malgré tout continue d'être le socle sur lequel est assis les partis politiques francophone, sauf ECOLO et PTB et DEFI, tout les autres : PS, MR, CDH, devrait se ramasser une gifle monumentale en 2018, mais jusque là tout est permis, inclus s'arranger entre copains corrompus sur comment se réorganiser pour continuer ce cirque.

Je trouve toute cette situation tout bonnement insupportable, indigne, encré dans des schémas du siècle passé, confortablement assis sur l'autel de leur privilèges, ces gens sont entrain de s'organiser pour mieux se préserver, c'est inadmissible.

Il devrait tous ou en très grande partie être disqualifié, récusé, mandat terminé plus une punitions à vie d'exercer un mandat public. point.

Il est hallucinant de voir que dans le privé, un indépendant qui triche, qui fraude, ou qui commet une faute mineure paye celle ci mais que le monde politique peut tremper dans des multiples scandales, années après années et tout continue comme prévu, génération après génération, ça se recycle, ça change de visage, mais la structure persiste et continue d'exister. c'est hallucinant !!

Ce genre de liquéfaction de l'intégrité de la démocratie sont typiquement le genre de truc qui vont provoquer la montée d'un Trump ou d'une autre dérive, pire permettre à la dérive en cours de continuer à l'infini, sans jamais remettre carte sur table et se doter d'un système qui soit adapté aux besoins du monde d'aujourd'hui plutôt que dans l'adoration d'un système caduque qui permet la corruption, le clientélisme et autre dérive par dessein, comme on a eu pu le voir avec ou .

J'ai bien peur que rien ne change, sans une énorme pressions citoyenne, inexistante pour le moment.

Ricardo Mendes

: I didn't need any proof to showcase the utter lack of experience is having but Ivanka at is the last drop nobody needed.

Ricardo Mendes

Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman are launching a new group to rethink the Democratic Party

“The first weeks of the Trump presidency have confirmed our fears,” Werbach wrote to potential WTF allies on Jan. 29. “This list is long: banning Muslims from 7 countries, green lighting the keystone and Dakota access pipeline, defunding affordable healthcare, removing all mention of climate change from the White House website. He’s moving quickly, and we need to move quickly as well.”

Ricardo Mendes

How Silicon Valley is trying to topple Trump — beginning with a special election in Montana

Now, about eight months after Election Day, Hoffman still believes that the Democratic Party hasn’t figured out how to pick up the pieces.

Ricardo Mendes

How the Trump-Russia Data Machine Games Google to Fool Americans :

How our brains work determines how our tribes are formed and behave, which determines how our society functions, or doesn’t.


Ricardo Mendes

The good news of the week : is out of Europe, there is sun in and amazing smiley people every corner :)

Ricardo Mendes

How to make that look like ?
some of my bots are 40% chance of being bots, when they are full bots.
the only reason they are at 40% instead of 100% is because of the manual interventions on the account, replying, retweets and liking content out of the automated scope of the bot and of course using other automated services (like roundteam for instance) to program social interactions based on tailored twitter list.

That recipe make it hard for the Bot Or Not checker to spot bots with 100% certainty. I'm convinced this can even be improved and tweaked so that Bots can actually be useful, a service to me and other information junckie, instead of just noise making devices on social media. of course my usecase of bots is far away from other botnets built and programmed to alter or shape perception on key issues, disrupt elections or launch false information campaign with the intent and the goal to reach specific goals.

there is a whole info-war going on out there and the progressive left is light-years behind from the capabilities of the far-right swarms and other state or non-state actors present on the various social media networks with one only goal: instill distrust and reinforce doubt, leaving users more fragile and keen to adopt new views that shape or match their beliefs systems.

This has been going on since a decade if not two decades already, but its really the election that showed & displayed a shift in perception that is still making waves in the whole western information landscape.

Ricardo Mendes

@alemannoEU @JamesPanichi I will try to give my theory without entering into the last decade of real reasons why we're on this state today in Europe, you both known already and have your own opinions.

There is 2 dimmensions in Brussels: the national & local dimmension and then the EU institutions dimmensions, being "Capital of Europe" but there is a third hidden one : you can notice it with @PulseforEuropeBE : it's completely disconnected from the local/national reality and so it goes for most of the EU institutions. Belgians, unless confronted on TV/Press to it, won't even see , beside a minority, probably busy near or close EU institutions or the Federalist movement.

Because the Brussels Bubble is a bubble inside a Bubble, only those inside the first Bubble see whatever is going on inside the second bubble : a bubble formed by very nice people, that probably want nice things for them and for Europe in general, but People none the less cut from the reality of 90% of Europeans in a post-financial-crisis, Brexited Europe.

So what's the problem ?

and the meeting in Rome will be just another ceremony in the long road leading to nowhere, we could stop this debate right here, but there is much more to say :

Since 2007, grassroots movements in Europe, organized, built platforms, aggregated themselves to have more power, learning how to lobby like the big lobbies, learned how to pressure different political level without any professional funding, any real means the big corporate lobbies are able to leverage in Brussels to reach their goals.

In short since the Financial Crisis, civil society in Europe has learned a lot on how to build transnational movements, how to build national and European wide pressure (think or or Lobby Transparency or NetNeutrality) in some of those areas, some success emerged or sometimes foreign developpments helped to block new projects civil society deemed not in his interest on their current form.

But on other issues, like Austerity, banking bailouts, total impunity of the responsibles of the financial crisis, either in US or EU, civil society failed, completely to push for another agenda.

The reason is that the grand coalition inside the EU parliament and at national level had virtually no real opposition : the so called social democrats and the liberal or neoliberal Right voted the same way, imposed the same austerity, the same neoliberalism, across parties, across countries like a huge normalization of Politics, instead of a vivid diverse and plural democracy we ended-up with (there is no alternative to the German model) and both "socialist", even the so called far-left (Syriza, Podemos or the Wallons Socialist) all voted the same : Austerity cuts for the citizens and civil society and bailout for the banks, impunity for the responsibles of this crisis.

From 2011 to 2014, most anti-austerity movements where still Pro-Europeans, they wanted a different Europe, not Nexit or Brexit or Frexit.

But EU institutions ignored, snubbed, ignorantly denied any legitimacy to these sometimes huge protests in Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, not just EU institutions, the National level was all to happy to impose the same arguments, in fact to reuse the whole doctrine at national level, implying that Social Fraud is THE problem, while , Panamapapers were still ongoing, while tax evasion and tax ruling were the modus operandi of any corporations inside the EU with the means to dive into tax optimization.

Meanwhile the anger was growing, grassroots movements tried to come to Brussels, organized EU wide platforms to have more impact, organized civil society run referendums in different EU states, used the new EU citizen initiative to gather millions of signature, deemed as fake or non-legit by the EU institutions, if not simply discarded without even a look to it.

The result ? EU institutions & their National counterpart knowingly denied Democracy and their voice to very legit concerns regarding the Architecture and Design of the governance model used inside the EU.

After the Greek referendum, after the episode were EU citizens noticed that there was no way to apply real democracy in Europe because no matter the vote, the Troika could always bypass all the democratic reality and simply refuse loans or simply dictate harsh ant-social measures in exchange of funds : this created a EU wide shock turning more and more citizens open to the idea to leave the Euro.

After that came Brexit : launched by a riff inside the Tory party, at some point, citizens connected to it and used it against the very elite that had launched it in the first place : convinced they couldn't loose.

The results we all know it, its enfolding and I predict like I always have said: Brexit will not be good for anyone, neither for people, business, not even good for corrup politicians. in fact Brexit may be the single best attack against the EU itself launched by the very elite directly profitering from the current state of the status-quo. ignorance and arrogance, that's what Brexit will do, nothing more, it will not advance the social issues, it will not create jobs, much less be part of the transition to new economic models. Brexit is the political gaffe of the century launched by its very protectors under the eyes of EU institutions unable per design to stop it, and per design unable to speak about it without interfering inside a members states inner politics.

After that came the Donald and my reply will not say much about it, beside the fact that it may be the only thing actually disgusting from xenophobic Populism: Trump is like a "free sample" of something nobody wants but we still have to eat it for 4 years, even if not in the US.

So why does PulseofEurope is going to go nowhere ? because citizens en masse will not enter the arena, they will not adopt its codes, its slogans, they will not agree with its conclusions because Europeans feel the opposite about the EU, add to that an un-existing EU wide information landscape, where members states are always bashing on EU even before the crisis, add to that members states hypocritical regarding their role in the EU, unable to realize THEY are the EU, sometimes more than the EU Parliament itself and you get a toxic recipe where even in the case of Europe still being a 27 country project, things will never be the same, because even with all that, nothing is changing the course of the EU institutions, not even good lobbying, not even new political parties, not even huge permanent demonstrations, not direct actions, nothing is making the EU change course for the simple reason it is not Listening.

Why would citizen listen to the Pulse of Europe after a decade of denial from the EU institutions and their national counterparts ?

it may be already too late.

Ricardo Mendes

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