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Ricardo Mendes

Impossible de se connecter sur @OrangeBEFR ‏ ainsi que sur l'app "my Orange" :/

Ricardo Mendes

Après avoir essayé 3 ou 4 custom rom pour j'arrive à la conclusion qu'il n'y a pas moyen de chiffrer le galaxy S3 neo avec une rom non officielle.
Pas moyens de dépasser l'écran "starting apps" après la mise en place du chiffrement, par contre si je reboot en recovery j'ai bien une partition data chifrée,
Si j'essaie de la monter, le mot de passe prévu ne fonctionne pas, après un factory reset j'ai a nouveau accès à ma partition et au système mais sans avoir réussi à le chiffrer.

étrange...quelques recherches démontrent que d'autre personnes ont eu le même problème mais aucune ne semble l'avoir contourné.

Je précise que j'ai essayé cela avec des version différentes de CyanogenMod, respectivement les version 11, 12 et 13. (android 4, 5 et 6) et aucune ne va jusqu'au bout du processus.

c'est bien dommage !

Ricardo Mendes

I like how independent @twitter clients do not mess with my timeline like the official for does ! Think Fenix for Android or Poly,Corebird,Mikutter,Turpial for Linux !

Ricardo Mendes

I have 404 links that I want to export from (mostly stuff to read recommended by friends & contacts) the problem is, there isn't any way to do this, even with IFTTT or Pocket. Someone on Quora found a way to extract links to a text file from a ruby scrapper but that's not what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a service that would push these saved facebook links to a RSS reader or my site.


I can use my existing android indieweb setup to bookmark directly to here. I just need to stop using the save feature when I see something I want to save for later and instead open it and use the mobile or desktop app to directly store it on my site with the bookmarklet or manually.

Ricardo Mendes

The best Keyboard app @SwiftKey for just delivered the only "upgrade" I really needed : the ability to switch between 5 pre-selected languages! Thanks

Ricardo Mendes

This is a rant about & corporations locking people on insecure systems.

I will never wait for OEM's to update my phone and people should stop doing so because waranty is void anyway (when you buy this new phone? it's already old when you get out of the shop) so take some time to learn, head over to XDA forum, find your device, start reading the most commented Custom Rom project, see the first post to check on any advice & step by step guide and then go to the last post of the current thread and see how the last dozens of users are managing the installation on their own device.

Keep note of everything that you might need to know when you started the process, so you don't have to panic and go wander in the forums what your problem is or isn't.

Follow the instructions to the letter, do not improvise. if you follow the instruction there is a 98% chance everything is going to go fine with your phone but if you don't expect bootloops and your head on the wall.

In fact LG, Samsung, HTC, Nexus all these manufacturers should allow a open & transparent way to allow any of their customers to Upgrade their phone, Own their phone if they want it. we are in 2016, everybody knows we're going to force custom ROM's or alternative operative system in anything that can handle it and these brands are still trying to lock users up, jailing them in old android versions while the same old phone could probably run a much faster and better version of android in a few hours of work.

I started flashing ROM's, Recovery and rooting my devices 2 or 3 days after I bought my first device. Since then I never stopped and I always have the latest version of android 1 year before most of the people in my city/country or at least 6 or 8 month advance.

Basically everyone is accepting that a brands own your device and not you and this is Crazy !

Imagine if when you buy a new laptop (not an Apple device) you would accept to only be a user, instead of Administrator of your own laptop: it's crazy right ? why would anyone do that ?

Well that's exactly what iPhone owners are doing and what most users are doing.
We are loosing ground, this is not how new technologies should emerge and get adopted, this is how corporations wants you to depend on their device, support etc...but you don't need it.

You can support yourself, void that warranty and enjoy your phone like it should be : fast, the most secure possible (considering it's a smartphone) but this is only going to happen when users realise they can have CyanogenMod on their phone, control privacy, location and even use advanced app to tell their phone to shut up instead of wandering free to give your metadata to every corporations inside your phone.

It's time to get free !

Just do it !

Ricardo Mendes

Anyone can contact me using Instant Messaging apps using the open protocol #XMPP #contactme

For secure messaging (mandatory OTR)

For trivial messaging :

XMPP Client :

Win/Linux : Pidgin

Mac: Adium

Android : Freelab/Xabber/Chatsecure

Also available on IRC/Freenode with : rMdes

Ricardo Mendes

6/7 "Doze on the Go" now on - amazing battery life - cold phone - this should be default but instead most phones comes pre-filled with manufacturer bloatware

Ricardo Mendes

Notifications Slavery versus Attention Ecology #android #privacy #attention #notifications

5 min read

This post was born from reading indieweb channel logs and this @t post about twitter email as I was reflecting on how I avoid to get overdosed by notifications, alerts, emails, sounds that ultimately eat my energy and time for nothing. 

I'm mostly writing about how I configure my android 6/CM13 device to control much more of "how my phone can disrupt me" or not and I tend to apply this to how I organize myself between my desktop and my mobile devices.

Email Ecology : Turn OFF all emails (less technical or administrative) coming from everywhere. 

Most of the time I check my apps enough already. 

Most of the time these email digest of notifications are useless. 

Most of the time I literally see new activity right from the app. 

There should be a difference between an email I choose to receive (a nice curation of great articles for example) and auto-email sent by services such as Facebook or Twitter or G+ that simply do no add anything of value beside occupying email quota and using unnecessary ressources. 

Attention Ecology : 

Choose what app, what contact can ring you & actually disrupt you from what you're doing. 

Put people in groups so you can easily configure groups of people ringtone or notification sound for SMS or IM. 


Turn OFF sound notifications for every apps on your phone. Turn OFF vibrations. 


Enjoy the silence. Enjoy not being disrupted when your device/services want your attention, 

Instead choose when to give your attention to your device/services. 

Organize :

Make lists on Twitter or Facebook or using your RSS feed reader,  so that you can bypass the noise and give more value to real signal of information with less cluttered overdosed mix of everything you follow. 

Split your interests by lists or categories in your RSS feed reader so that when you need to know about something or you want more information on something you lurked on Twitter, you can just search it on your river of news and get the information you want without loosing time or having to scroll down a pile of noise to get what you wanted. 

The more your information is split by topics but accessible and organized, the quicker you can find the signal you search and get things done. 

Privacy : 

With Android6/CM13 the first time you open an app you can decide what permissions you give to the app about : location, contacts, media, etc..some apps won't work with some permissions disabled but tons of apps don't need your location or contact to work, you can disable it and still have a nice popup to show up when you actually want to give your location for some reason (check in et..) actually reversing the scenario where it is you who decide what to give and when to give it. this should be by design, people shouldn't have to root/flash their devices to finally be able to own them. but that's another story for another post. 

Apps : 

I use Greenify pro on my rooted devices to get an advanced control of what app can wake-up, check network, do background data check etc...this app also allows you do "greenify" all the apps that launch themselved up (just because there is Wi-Fi or because there is a data connection) with Greenify you can hibernate all the apps you occasionally use and have them one finger away without having them to suck up your battery or do unwanted check without your authorization. 

The moment I lock my phone Greenify will hibernate all the apps that I choose to, leaving my device cold and ready & silent for when I need it. 

Unless wanted, apps should not go on by themselves and eat your data plan without you actually paying attention to all the content streaming through all these apps. it makes no sense. if you really have to check something that happened 2h ago, you still can no matter if your app loaded it while it happened or if you have to fetch it from scratch because your device was sleeping. 

if you really want to follow something happening right now in real-time, well you can just open the app, let it refresh with new content, pick a hashtag and follow the stream because you decide it. 

Ultimately Android & its app ecosystem should be redesigned to have privacy and user control at the center of the process instead of farming users to constantly check their notifications, their battery, their phone. 

What are your habbits regarding Attention Ecology & the usage of your phone or tablet ? 

Do you have any tips to find a better balance between
the use of technology versus technology using ourselves ?

Ricardo Mendes

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