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Co-Captain @Armada Digital (goal: coop)
| Love to promote #Indieweb #CivicTech #Dataviz #RSS Curious about #Blockchain and the future of work by enabling #platformcoop

Should appear as "Live" when I'm broadcasting Live with @periscope @RickMendes











Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Great short definition
"The IndieWeb is a global community of hackers, tinkerers, and makers that are creating communication protocols, libraries, and software to power a decentralized social web. The IndieWeb focusses heavily on “dogfooding” or using these experimental new technologies in your daily web activity. " source :

Ricardo Mendes

The history of the #hashtag and how it changed online communication forever

“…what we needed to do was just embed the group information into the Tweet itself”

and this is how the was invented.

Ricardo Mendes

I splitted some RSS feeds sources from @inoreader to & now I can enjoy reading fellow makers from one spot

Ricardo Mendes

Western foreign policy #EUpol

Europe & its US owned powered foreign policy & diplomatic relationship with the rest of the world is a shame. So much that our present is targeted killings & war in real-time seen on social media while decisions makers stand frozen in front of their own worst nightmares, unable to stop their own creation, unable to uphold the minimal fundamental principles & rights while unconsciously funding disaster after disaster with their own lack of vision. 

The current and previous generation of so called leaders or elected civil servants are the mirror of our failures. Until we elect representative that actually care about this planet and all its form of life, there won't be any lasting change. 

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