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Co-Captain @Armada Digital (goal: coop)
| Love to promote #Indieweb #CivicTech #Dataviz #RSS Curious about #Blockchain and the future of work by enabling #platformcoop

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Ricardo Mendes

I want to do a "tweet of congress" for Belgian Politicians
code :
fork this project and see if I can map/scrap belgian politicians twitter account and archive them using the same approach.

Ricardo Mendes

#Kulectiv - #Journalism newsroom the way it should be ? impressed by the quality of the product

This tool needs real situation testing to effectively test collaboration on topics, i'm wondering how to best share this tool with the max amount of freelance to bring a critical mass of journalists on the platform, one thing is for sure Kulectiv is really worth a try !

Ricardo Mendes

@jack @Twitter @BuyThisPlatform Growth obsession : Well maybe @twitter should reject the "growth doctrine" and the constant needs for new metrics, new users, growth, growth growth and instead embrace Values, Cooperation and mutate towards becoming a real where People, Journalists, Organisations can create value while collectively owning Twitter, and invest more into "how to redistribute collective value", how to make twitter sustainable by making web actions you can do on the platform : sharing, replying, liking, retweeting, a monetisation that is powered by the blockchain and where People give and exchange value by their interactions on the platform.

Basically Twitter could become a large scale democratic experiment that would push the whole web into adopting more of this kind of collective ownership where the value created reinforce the whole platform instead of just a bunch of investors that have a vested interest to only focus on growth, return, profit.

Maybe I'm being idealistic, probably even, but until some big players don't switch, pivot into something that make sense instead of infinite growth race that make no sense, the whole web will keep being dragged into useless capitalistic approach that are bound to be unadapted for the future.

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Ricardo Mendes

Reading on and sharing from it using your own blog: love #indieweb !

2 min read

Been busy on lately so when I logged in to my account, using my own website to login I was impressed to notice not only I could intereact with the content of my subscriptions (like, reply, fav) but I was also able to comment (using my own site to host the comment thanks to micropub) but most of all I could POSSE or syndicate my comment to the social media profile I wanted without leaving the Woodwind interface : this in short is a dream come true for me, it means I can read content I subscribe in one place and use my own site as a pilot to push my interactions to other silo's (think facebook, twitter or more open mastodon) while hosting the reply on my own website !! 

I'm trully amazed but maybe you think this all sounds like very complicated, so let me link to a few examples : 

This is Woodwind interface, it shows a post from Jeremy Keith at 

I commented from Woodwind but thanks to Micropub, I self-host my comments : 

Link :

Thanks to Webmentions these self-hosted comments are also displayed on blog post :

This is amazing, not sure people realize how much amazing it is in fact !

it means indieweb principles, ideas are every day one step closer to become a unified "put it in practice" approach to build interactions on the openweb between differents website/indentities while still being able to push these interactions where one's want them to go (mastodon, twitter, facebook) and still be part of global conversation while retaining ownership of data produced. 

All of this is possible thanks to amazing people in different communities cooperating together to build step by step another vision of the social web, a vision where People are in the center of interactions and have control on the content they produce while still dancing with other platforms or closed platforms; this is huge !

Meet the IndieWeb peeps on IRC on Freenode, visit !

Ricardo Mendes

Just another test from, can I comment from woodwind and POSSE to mastodon & twitter ? answer: yes :)

Ricardo Mendes

It's crazy how some websites (think Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google) do everything to HIDE their RSS feed & make sure it is nowhere to be found on all the usual URI.

Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

How Slack Controls Our CMS - Source: An OpenNews project

I want to build a similar setup but instead of piloting from Slack a content manangement system, I want to pilot a content delivery system (think Twitter bots, Facebook pages etc...) 

Ricardo Mendes

@MathNguyen c'est un projet purement citoyen, inspiré par "Barcelona en Comu" et le mouvement , bien sûr influencé aussi par l'état des lieux après
le mouvement à pour ambition de créer un parti politique pour Bruxelles et s'inscrire dans la bataille électorale pour 2018 à l'échelle municipale/communale sur Bruxelles. C'est un parti politique qui veut proposer une vision pour Bruxelles au delà des clivages artificiels de la particratie en place, une vision ou la bonne gouvernance, la transparence, l'éthique, la participation citoyenne serait cuisiné et mis en place à l'intérieur du parti et du mouvement politique. Pour l'instant, la charte, la mission, le manifeste, les valeurs, sont en définition/construction, il n'y a donc pour l'instant (c'est vieux d'a peine 1 ou 2 mois) aucune information concrète que je puisse te partager qui répondent à tes questions. c'est un peu le creu de l'été, et même si on pense se voir régulièrement et faire le tour des communes de Bruxelles, tout ceci est encore à l'état de proposition et doit être validée par le mouvement WeBrussels, il s'agit aussi de pondre un nom pour sa branche politique (qui participera aux élections), bref tout est à faire, définir, clarifier et le site doit encore se travailler pour que toutes ces informations soit disponible d'une manière transparente et claire.

En gros c'est un projet en construction qui compte bien peser lors des prochaines élections, bien sûr toute aide est la bienvenue, toute expérience dans ces matières sont les bienvenues, pour ne pas dire capitale à la réussite d'un tel projet.

pour l'instant nous avons un Slack pour se coordonner et collaborer
un Loomio pour prendre des décisions d'une manière transparente et participative :
le site web : (avec l'appel en 3 langues lancé il y a 2 mois)

un groupe facebook parce que c'est inévitable :
une page facebook :
et le compte twitter :

Ricardo Mendes

Sounds like @twibbleio is getting near to have Facebook+Twitter automation ? cc @marchoag

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